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2019 Competition Results
Group A (ages 7-10)

First Prize, Gold Medal and Award for Best Interpretation of Baroque Music

- Gillian Vit​, violin

First Prize and Gold Medal

- Christian Hsieh, piano

Second Prize and Silver Medal

- Nicole Marino, piano

Third Prize and Bronze Medal

- Hannah Hui, piano

- Christopher Singh, piano

Honorable Mention Diploma

- William Wei, piano

Group B (ages 11-14)

First Prize and Gold Medal

- Tomothy Pang, piano

Second Prize and Silver Medal

- Jacob Park, piano

- Hriday Sanakal, piano

Third prize was not awarded

Honorable Mention Diploma

- Jonathan Tang, violin

Scholarship for Bulgarian Music

- Timothy Pang, violin

Jacques Ibert Prize

- Aaron Sorkin

Group C (ages 15-18)

First Prize, Gold Medal and Scholarship

- Evan Cheng, violin

- Brenden Davis, piano

Second Prize, Silver Medal and Scholarship

- Alejandro Del Rivero, piano

Third Prize, Bronze Medal and Scholarship

- Jianzhi Wu, piano

- Enrick Woo-Therrien, piano

Honorable Mention Diploma

- Luca Sharbani, piano

- Kalayah Johnson, piano

Creative Arts Scholarship to ETSU

- Brenden Davis, Alejandro Del Riero,

Enrick Woo-Therrien, Luca Sharbani

Rostislav Yovchev, Soloist, Teacher


PhD National Academy of Music, Sofia


Dr. Marc Silverman

Chairman of Piano Department of Manhattan School of Music, NYC. Founding Member of the Carnegie Trio.

Evgeni Grach

Russia/NY, USA

London Symphony Orchestra

Mark Demidovich, Soloist and Teacher

Russia/FL, USA

Director of South Florida Conservatory of Music, Hollywood, FL

Tonya Bibashka, Soloist, Teacher

Bulgaria/NY, USA

New York Virtuosos​,

Former Principal Violist of MMD Orchestra - Conductor Sir Neville Marriner

Antoaneta Vodenicharova

Piano Teacher, Bulgaria

National School of Arts Panaiot Pipkov

Yi-Yang Chen, Soloist

Taiwan/TN, USA

Assistant Professor
Piano & Music Theory at

East Tennessee State University

Tamara Poddubnaya, Soloist, Teacher


PhD St. Petersburg Conservatory, Russia

Veselin Ninov, Soloist and Teacher

Bulgaria/NY, USA

Winner of numerous International Competitions,


Vladmir Tiagunov


Soloist, Winner of numerous International Competition


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